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We empower your team and enable it for growth.

Team Coachings

We strengthen you as a leader and prepare you for new challenges.

Executive Coachings

Team Coachings.

We basically offer team coaching in two different packages – depending on where you are with your team and where you want to go.

Package 1

Launching teams successfully

A new team has evolved in your organisation. Potentially, the manager in charge of the team has been replaced. Team members need to truly connect. We bring you together and help you build trust. We clarify the team’s goals and the expectations of team members as well as their roles and responsibilities on the job. In doing so, we rely on the collective intelligence of all participants – which we incite with various methods. One of them: Liberating Structures – group interactions that make it easy and fast for members of any group to radically change the way they interact and work together.

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Package 2

(Re-)Igniting engagement and performance

Within existing teams, it is important to regularly review (and perhaps rethink) engagement, strategic goals, roles, communication and work processes.

This is all the more important when the whole organisation is undergoing significant change.

Team coachings are an indispensable tool for this. In addition, we use various formats that foster team spirit and promote group reflection in a motivating setting.

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No. You will not receive “one-size-fits-all” services from us.

Every organisation is a new organism that deserves a tailored solution. It is our mission to find precisely that.

Virtually, face-to-face or in a hybrid manner. Through team coachings, trainings and events. In German, English, French and other languages.

You will be surprised: the solution is already within your organisation, your teams and employees. Together, we will bring it to the surface!

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Executive Coachings.

We are your sparring partner for developing leaders – for all topics you want to tackle with us.

Package 1

Developing your authentic leadership style

We reflect upon and elaborate your own values and address deeply rooted individual behavioural patterns. This enables you to define a clear and strategic goal for yourself and to take the first step towards your own authentic leadership style.

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Package 2

Changing organisations effectively

To successfully navigate transformation processes in organisations, leaders must learn to be bold in moving forward with their own vision and to form strategic alliances with the right groups. Finally, they have to deal confidently with the unpredictable, which will arise numerous times, notably in times of unprecedented change.

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Package 3

Leading in conflict and negotiation

To successfully manage conflicts of all kinds in organisations, you need a basic understanding of how conflicts arise and how they are structured. We help you ask the right questions and use creative negotiation methods so that conflicts can be prevented before they even arise. In addition, we show you ways to deal with stress and confrontation.

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Innovative solution in the virtual space.

We are specialists in the virtual space. Our own decentralised organisation has led us to digital set-ups far ahead of Covid-19 that enable creative, lively and successful team coachings and trainings.

We set up entire virtual leadership trainings and inspire participants with the energy we create.

A large number of animals found in the breath-taking scenery along Kalum River is of immense spiritual significance to the indigenous First Nations. It is these analogies that we like to use in our consulting work to underline their significance.

Courage and respect.

“The bear is an important heraldic animal and symbol for the First Nations. It plays an important role in their legends and myths. Its ferocity evokes respect. Being ‘the bear’ in organisations implies having the courage to drive things forward.”