“Our purpose is to empower teams and organizations through collective intelligence, clarity, courage and creativity, allowing our clients to grow. Across borders.“

It’s challenging times for any organization: The megatrend of digitalisation. Competitive pressure on a global scale. A world driven by the necessity to innovate, at all times. To face these challenges, it requires persistence, the courage to change and question the status quo, as well as mutual support within your teams. In this regard, the engagement and motivation of employees are of inestimable value. This is where meaningful leadership is of the essence in order for any organisation to prevail in the global marketplace.

kalum consulting accompanies and supports teams and organisations in finding and pursuing their path into the future. We are proven specialists both in the virtual as well as in the “real” space.

About us

Empowering teams and organizations.
Across borders virtually and personally.

We listen carefully to your needs because we want to understand your organisational culture, your history, as well as your work processes and products. This allows us to develop workshops, trainings and events that truly fit your needs.

We connect people, strengthen teams and train executives to deal with employees and customers in a way that reflects your vision. We help you to live a culture of engagement so that your organization can grow sustainably and drive business performance.

Regardless of the setting – be it a virtual get-together or a face-to-face event – we are specialists in creating an atmosphere in which every participant feels safe and is part of the process to innovate and grow. We are convinced: Sustainable change can only happen in such an environment.

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kalum consulting

kalum consulting is an ecosystem comprised of experienced partners from all over the world. Our renowned expertise revolves around leadership as well as team development and engagement. We provide our services to medium-sized companies as well as to multinational corporations.

We are here for you. Anytime and anywhere around the globe. Virtually and on site, wherever you are. In numerous languages.

Client testimonials

Regeneration and renewal

“In the culture of Canada’s Pacific Northwest’s indigenous people, the salmon symbolises regeneration and renewal, willingness to make sacrifices and perseverance. In organisations, the “precept of the salmon” represents the relentless pursuit of a goal without forgetting where you truly come from.”