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The facilitators were outstanding. They listened very carefully to the entire team and were highly attuned to our needs. I particularly liked their attitude, authenticity, experience and the clear structure throughout the process. What I also appreciated: They did not impose "their truth" on us in regards to strengthening client relationships. Instead, they let us develop our own responses.

Andreas Schnaase, Head of Sales, Schenker Storen

I had the pleasure to have been attending a virtual leadership journey over a period of 3 months, hosted and conducted by Malte and Songya. The leadership team has been spread out globally and we did not have the chance to come together quite frequently. Malte’s and Songya’s capability of creating a safe atmosphere based on mutual respect and empathy — where all of us could openly discuss challenges whilst learning, developing our leadership skills and getting coached at the same time — is simply outstanding! You can feel their broad experience and candour at any time, be prepared that they listen extremely carefully whilst including all participants and asking very smart questions. Creating a safe environment is just one side of the medallion the other side is providing a toolbox to the audience, like coaching techniques, argumentation trees and much more that helped me in my day-2-day activities. One situation stood out to me: Having had the opportunity to get coached in a one- 2-one session by Malte, I was blown away by Malte’s analytical mindset. He was able to drill-into the essence of the challenge within a very short time, identifying the root cause and on top of that leading me towards a solution that I was able to implement on the spot and which helped to solve the issue. I can only recommend Malte and Songya and their leadership-/ executive trainings, they have my highest appreciation and respect

Nandor Orvos, Director Solutions Consulting, Medallia

Malte shows great empathy and flexibility with a high level of expertise. He moves at the pace of the participants and is able to set meaningful impulses. I like how he radiates calmness and experience, and how he addresses participants. What he says is being expressed with precision. He really knows how to pull people along and brings a high level of contextual understanding to the table. In short: He is authentic, very committed, positive, structured, and confident. Thumbs up! Keep up the great work!

Armelle Schmidt, HR Director Germany, BNP Paribas

Mr. Schindler facilitated a workshop to further develop my team. Both the preparatory work and the roll-out of the two-day workshop were very successful. During the preliminary talks, the team-specific topics were identified and the further course of action was discussed. Personal one-on-one conversations between Mr. Schindler and the respective team members set the framework for the team workshop, and the relevant topics could thus be identified with precision. Within the workshop itself, Mr. Schindler created a professional and relaxed, yet always goal-oriented atmosphere. Even the recommended of the location for our event was perfect. At the end of the workshop, all of my colleagues were without exception highly appreciative of this successful event. The entire implementation and organisation of the workshop was highly professional. I can recommend Mr. Schindler without any ifs and buts.

Prof. Dr. Joachim Weeber, Head of the Banking and Financial Supervision Division, German Central Bank

Corona has turned the world of work upside down and changed the requirements for virtual teamwork. In order to be equipped with the right toolbox for the digital working world, we sought professional help from Malte and Maria on the topic of "remote leadership" and "effective remote working in the team". Beforehand, Malte and Maria listened very carefully to the team in the form of interviews. The workshops were ideally suited to our needs and had a very high practical relevance. This made it easy for us to put the new learnings directly into practice. Malte and Maria demonstrated great empathy, a high degree of flexibility and a high level of expertise. They adapted optimally to the pace of the participants and provided helpful impulses. They really took people along with them and brought a high level of understanding through their practical experience. Very committed, well structured, positive and authentic. Highly recommended!

Constanze von Mühlenfels, Managing Director, Schréder

With all the challenges we are currently facing as well as the recent reorganization, we decided to launch a team offsite. Malte turned out to be the perfect match for making the offsite the valuable event we hoped it to be. He launched interviews with all team members prior to the event to collect everyone's needs, feelings and ideas. What we got back from the interviews was a gold mine. It helped us to tailor-cut the offsite but also further uncovered what we need to truly work on in the months to come. This methodology as well as the way our offsite was designed and facilitated were the success factors for our team to move forward. Malte ensured that the two days marked a new start for my team. Since then, we have clearly improved our efficiency, our ways of working and networking.

Aurélien Garcia, Head of Industrial Costing for Fuselage & FAL, Airbus